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[a. OF. spirituel (12thc., = It. spirituale, Sp. and Pg. espiritual), or ad. L. spiritual-is, f. spiritus SPIRIT sb.]
A. adj.
I. 1. a. Of or pertaining to, affecting or concerning, the spirit or higher moral qualities, esp. as regarded in a religious aspect. (Freq. in express, or implied distinction to bodily, corporal, or temporal.)
b. Applied to material things, substances, etc., in a figurative or symbolical sense.
c. Of songs, etc.: Devotional, sacred;
d. Of transcendent beauty or charm

2. a. Of, belonging or relating to, concerned with, sacred or ecclesiastical things or matters: pertaining to the church or clergy; ecclesiastical.
b. Of law: Canon, Canonical. Obs.

3. Of persons: a. Standing to another, or to others, in a spiritual relationship.
b. Ecclesiastical, religious.
c. devout, holy, pious: morally good; having spiritual tendencies or instincts.

4. a. Of or pertaining to, consisting of. Spirit, regarded in either a religious or intellectual aspect; of the nature of a spirit or incorporeal supernatural essence; immaterial.

5. Consisting of pure essence or spirit.
6. Of or pertaining to, emanating from, the intellect or higher faculties of the mind; intellectual.

7. Characterized by or exhibiting a high degree of refinement of thought or feeling.

B. sb. I. 1. a. collect. The spirituality; the clergy.

2. a. A spiritual or spiritually-minded person.

3. a. pl. Spiritual matters, affairs, or ideas.
b. matters which specially or primarily concern the church or religion.
c. Spiritual or ecclesiastical goods or possessions; spiritualities.

4. a. A spiritual counterpart or analogue.
b. A spiritual (as opposed to a material) thing.
c. Spiritual quality or power; pl. spiritual faculties.


[ME. corant, currant, a. OF. corant, curant (from 16th c. courant) running, pres. pple. Of courir, OF. corre:-L. curre to run. The spelling of the Eng. word as currant (very common in the 16th c.) gradually led to its complete conformation to L. current-em.]

1. That which runs or flows, a stream; spec. a portion of a body of water, or air, etc. moving in a definite direction.
2. a. The action or condition of flowing; flow, flux (of a river, etc.); usually to its force or velocity.
b. The course of a river or other flowing body.
5. fig. The course of time or events; the main course.
6. a. Course or progress in a defined direction; tendency, tenor, drift (of opinions, writings, etc.)
b. The tendency or drift of the common opinion, practice, etc. of a body of persons. Obs.

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