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About Us

It is our firm belief that everyone should be spiritual. What it means to be spiritual has many definitions in the world's different religious traditions. We've assembled some definitions that reflect our understanding of the words in our name, Spiritual Currents. We are convinced that each of us individually needs to achieve the highest degree of spirituality possible. There are many hindrances to being spiritual, not the least of which is we live in a world of turmoil. Upheaval is everywhere. These uncertainties cause doubt to increase and faith to waver. We do not want faith to waver and it is our desire to contribute to the increase of faith in the world.

Doomsday prophets abound and are quick to announce the end of the world. However, we do not believe that the end of the world is upon us just yet. It is difficult for many to understand what is going on in the world. We will be looking at the world knowing that God is with us along the way. With his help, we will seek for understanding.

More importantly, we believe that each individual must respond to the call of the Almighty in order to see his will accomplished in the earth. So we will be seeking understanding to assist in the spiritual journey.

So what makes us special? Actually we aren't. Special that is. We are everyday people who have a desire to increase our faith and the fellowship of God's people in the earth. We have a desire to understand what God is doing in our time. And we believe that God is working through many people in the earth today and we would like to find them and share in the mission that God has for righteous people everywhere.

We will attempt to look beyond popular beliefs and the hype that so often accompany religion today. It is the truth that we are after, all the time trying to reflect the attributes and will of God.

Our experiences and beliefs will find their way into some of the articles you will find at this Web site. We will also be pointing out persons, organizations, events and Web sites we feel are of particular value to those striving to be righteous. We invite your comments.

For us, Spiritual Currents will be a place where righteous people, or at least those trying to be, can join together to seek out the truth and have a better understanding of God.